In tourism, entertainment takes a very special place, its importance is known for creating a whole system of touristic offer and demand. The touristic entertainment as part of the touristic offer is a crucial element in satisfying the needs of a modern guest. Entertainment is often defined as an aggregate of skills and knowledge that higher the fulfilment of pleasure and is the motive of tourist travels, and to the promoter enhances the possibility of the consumption in tourism (Cerović, 2008, 20).

Previous education of touristic entertainers has shown a great role in orientating individuals to specific fields of entertainment for which they already have previous knowledge (sport entertainer – Faculty of Kinesiology, kids’ entertainer – Faculty of Pedagogy, dance entertainer – degrees in dance schools or active engagement in dance groups) (Horvat, 2003, 41).
Uragan dance & entertainment

Entertainment for children

Renowned kids club, called "Mini club" boast an educational and creative approach to children aimed at giving them the most unforgettable experience which they will always be fond of. Modern workshops and activities make sure to keep both children and parents alike filled with a feeling of satisfaction and safety while providing new and exciting pedagogical and educational workshops. 'Mini club' works with children aged 4 – 13 and 'Teen club' is taking care that free time of teenagers is filled with activities being tailored to their unique personalities and age.

Uragan dance & entertainment

Entertainment for grown up-s

Our specialized instructors keep up with, and carry out, many modern fitness programs, each and every day. In practice, these programs have shown to be of great interest to visitors, and our animators are always ready to spice up any fitness routine with their own personal flair. We boast a large variety of fitness activities which fills out the sport section of our animation program.

Uragan dance & entertainment

Evening performances

Theater stage is a leading motive and inspiration for URAGANs evening performances for children and grown ups. Together with entertainment program for guests of all ages , special emphasis is on contemporary dance performances as the most frequently performed evening program. Exactly there is where skills of our educated dancers and other performers is evident. Our performers put up high standards in performing arts in tourist entertainment, and peak of it are more then twenty (20) all evening dance and acting performances in their repertory.